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SIZE- 5 3/4"




Split Tail Flukes Our split tail flukes offer unique size and color options that set them apart from other soft jerkbaits on the market. Our flukes are more buoyant than salt-infused competitors, ensuring upright positioning with weighted presentations and true topwater floatation with lighter wire hooks. Because of the wide difference between sizes we have broken down rigging and application separately by size. 3-3/4”: This size caters to freshwater bass anglers in a variety of finesse rigging applications. -1/8-1/4oz underspins -Owner 1/0 Flashy Swimmer -Weightless 1/0-2/0 wide gap weedless hook -1/8-3/8oz scrounger head -Drop shot rigged -Double (donkey) rigged -Casting bubble rigged -Dart/ball head rigged -Damiki rigged 5-3/4”: This size offers freshwater anglers a larger profile while providing a perfect ‘allaround’ size for our inshore saltwater anglers. -Owner 5/0 Flashy Swimmer -Owner 4/0 Sled Head (all weights) -Owner 4/0 Beast Hook -Weightless 4/0-5/0 wide gap weedless hook -Chatterbait/swimjig trailer -1/4-3/4oz scrounger head -Bounce ball with Hoochie skirt and trap rig 8”: This size is significantly larger than competitors’ magnum options. It excels in inshore and offshore fishing, and has sufficient mass to qualify as a soft glide bait for trophy bass fishing. -Owner 8/0 Flashy Swimmer -Owner 8/0 Beast Hook -1/2-6oz ‘Gitzem’ style leadhead -Line thru with treble hook (size and wire thickness determine ROF) - Weightless 6/0-8/0 wide gap weedless hook -1/2-1oz scrounger head.


SKU: 9454323
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